• Advertising Without Inventory - Empower

    Advertising Without Inventory - Empower

    A crusader of inconvenience, COVID has impacted supply chains across the country. “Advertising with No Inventory” dives deep into the question that has shaken the marketing nation: What should marketing departments do when demand is high and inventory is low? With a list of tried-and-true principles, this article explains how marketers can successfully take their brands through an inventory crisis.

    Empower, 09/30/2021

  • Get The Most Out of Your YouTube Influencer Program - Empower

    Get The Most Out of Your YouTube Influencer Program - Empower

    Trusted by audiences more than traditional advertising, YouTube influencers can elevate your marketing plan if capitalized correctly. In fact, 65% of online buyers claim that they are more likely to purchase a product recommended by an influencer. But how does one begin? “Get the Most out of Your YouTube Influencer Program” dives into the details of YouTube influencer marketing, including key trends, the value of influencers, benefits, and how to integrate YouTube influencers into your marketing strategy.

    Empower, 09/22/2021

  • MRC Ends Nielsen

    MRC Ends Nielsen's Accreditation. Now What? - Empower

    The Media Rating Council (MRC) recently announced they will no longer be accrediting Nielsen’s national or local measurement ratings, effective later this month. While Nielsen is quickly updating their methods and procedures to regain accreditation, their reputation surely took a hit.

    Empower, 09/09/2021

  • Empower Webinar: CultureTap Holiday Content Planning Guide - Empower

    Empower Webinar: CultureTap Holiday Content Planning Guide - Empower

    For consumers, the holidays are the “most wonderful time of the year,” but for marketers, it’s crunch time. While we’re decking the halls in the physical world, the digital space is bursting at the seams with brand ads, discounts, giveaways and gift guides from brands determined to drive sales. Shoppers have endless options. Brands, on the other hand, struggle to stand out.

    Empower, 08/18/2021

  • Sponsored Search and the Impact of Third-Party Platforms - Empower

    Sponsored Search and the Impact of Third-Party Platforms - Empower

    Sponsored Search has often been considered the easiest entry point for brands within the retail media landscape. Its effectiveness varies by network, but brands can often realize strong gains from sponsored search regardless of investment size. The value derived there can then inspire the faith necessary to test other avenues offered by retailers; avenues such as on-site and off-site digital, social via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and beyond.

    Empower, 08/04/2021

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The Gorilla Glue Company 2013 Current
Wendy's 2011 Current

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