• Brett Mowry Joins Empower as Senior Vice President, Intelligence

    Brett Mowry Joins Empower as Senior Vice President, Intelligence

    Mowry to Lead Agency Charge in Driving Significant and Sustainable Long-Term Growth for Clients by Seamlessly Integrating Intelligence into Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Activation

    Adweek, 01/25/2022

  • Online Or In-Store: The Commerce World Just Got a Whole Lot Trickier - Empower

    Online Or In-Store: The Commerce World Just Got a Whole Lot Trickier - Empower

    Sometimes, the world shows us an obvious solution to a problem we didn’t know we had. This one came to the e-Commerce world from Amazon’s product team. The world of long checkout lines and carrying around a wallet may soon come to an end thanks to the power of Amazon Go’s “Just Walk Out” technology.

    Empower, 01/25/2022

  • 5 Ways Brands Can Win with Gen Z on TikTok in 2022 - Empower

    5 Ways Brands Can Win with Gen Z on TikTok in 2022 - Empower

    From dances to hashtag challenges, TikTok has taken over the digital world. However, there is more to the app than dances, challenges, and trending sounds–there is also an opportunity for brands to establish a relationship with the app’s most prominent users: Gen Z. With a buying power of nearly $150 billion, Gen Z is a marketing goldmine that brands should jump on–and fast.

    Empower, 01/14/2022

  • Empower Expands To Atlanta With

    Empower Expands To Atlanta With 'Culture Center Hub' 12/02/2021

    The expansion follows five years of double-digit revenue growth and the addition of clients in the area including Atlanta-based Newell Brands which joined the Empower client roster earlier this year.

    MediaPost, 12/01/2021

  • Amazon

    Amazon's Private Label Practices Spark Anti-Trust Concerns - Empower

    There is a reason that Amazon is the #1 online retailer in the world. From baby food to organic shoes, they have it all. But does their abundance of products mean that shoppers are more loyal to them than say, a cheaper brand? Not necessarily. “Amazon: Private Label and Anti-Trust"  dives into how Amazon knocks its competition out of the park with its own private label brands that offer quality items even at a cheaper price point. Download the full article to learn how Amazon revamped the traditional four Ps of marketing to their vantage point.

    Empower, 12/03/2021

Client Start Year End Year
Newell Brands 2021 Current
American Standard 2020 Current
RoC Skincare 2021 Current
The Body Shop 2020 Current
Brooks Running 2019 Current
Tempur Sealy International 2019 Current
TriHealth 2018 Current
Ashley HomeStores 2017 Current
The Gorilla Glue Company 2013 Current
Wendy's 2011 Current

Empower is an independent Creative Media agency built on full transparency, customized plan approaches, and true agency and client collaboration. From our proprietary products to our advanced audience-centric planning process, we’ve placed data at the core of everything we do to help brands excel in today’s addressable world. Our philosophy hinges on the acknowledgement that today’s consumer is operating at an unprecedented speed with an equally unprecedented appetite and access to content. Brands need an alliance that offers the strength and scale of the strongest holding companies with the nimbleness and client-focus that only an independent can offer.

As The Un-Holding Company, only Empower can deliver both.

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