Entropico is a global creative company.

We do our best work at the bleeding edges of technology, culture and art- solving complex challenges with innovative solutions and flexible thinking. We collaborate with our client's creative teams, business leaders, broadcast platforms, labels and artists across media that will delivers the most effective message. Our people are talented and passionate image-makers that find joy in the work and joy in our workplace.

  • Olivia Ravasio

    Olivia Ravasio

    Chief Operations Officer

    Olivia's favorite thing to do is bring teams together to accomplish shared goals -- the more complex and boundary-pushing, the better. Her experience producing television for companies such as NBCUniversal and Lionsgate brings a wealth of narrative storytelling experience to the advertising world. She takes pride in collaborating with clients and teams to elevate and push creative ideas to their full potential while making sure everyone has a good time doing it.
  • Joey Hunter

    Joey Hunter

    Chief Creative Officer

    Joey’s key focus is in finding new and exciting ways to speak to an audience; at his best when creating experiences authentic to hard-to-reach demographics. Joey has directed global interactive campaigns for YouTube, commercial spots for Tidal, Google and Tripadvisor, as well as award-winning music videos.
  • Erin Moy

    Erin Moy

    Co-Founder / Executive Producer

    Erin is a producer, writer, and entrepreneur. After starting her career in journalism, she founded creative company Entropico in 2013. Erin is dedicated to finding and fostering exciting and diverse voices in entertainment and advertising.