Client Start Year End Year
Washington Spirit 2023 Current
Burgans 2022 2022
Smithsonian Institution 2018 Current
REI 2019 Current
National Geographic 2016 Current

Exactly is a 100% women, independent creative agency that creates bold and memorable brand moments that get people talking, sharing, and caring.

We celebrate intersectionality and values all year round, while connecting brand communications to partnerships and activations.

Category expertise:
Health & Wellness, Alcohol, Retail, Luxury Goods, Arts & Entertainment and Toys.

Key strengths:
Modernizing legacy brands, Women’s Equity, LQBTQ+, Sustainability

Our Experience:

- Repositioned the Washington Spirit, DC’s women’s soccer team through brand campaign and fan experience for the 2023 season
- Helped National Geographic attract a younger, more diverse audience through a multi-platform Earth Day celebration and TikTok launch
- Shifted perception of REI from “gear brand” to lifestyle choice, with values at the forefront, reaching a younger and more urban audience
- Helped the Smithsonian bridge the gap between education and entertainment, on- and offline
- Launched Burgans, a popular Albariño in Europe, into the competitive US market