We’re Factory. And we’re an independent advertising agency in Detroit, Michigan.
By independent, we mean we own ourselves. We don’t answer to a holding company or a network or a management team headquartered out of town. And we therefore don’t ship mandatory profit back to out-of-town bosses. We have the freedom to invest our revenue to do the best possible work for our clients.
We also mean (by independent) that the way we work doesn’t follow the typical ad agency model:
• We don’t believe in silos – our people have multiple talents and they get to use them here. Because sometimes account people write great copy and art directors compose beautiful music and the print producer plays a mean bass.
• We think “advertising” can mean many things . . . from a television commercial or a “double truck” newspaper ad, yes, to a three minute video or a pop song or a website or a whatever.
• When we make ads – paid media – we treat it like content. Will someone want to watch it
again, hear it again, see it again, read it again? If not, it shouldn’t get made.
• We don’t like to contain ourselves to one style of creative work. But we do insist on doing only work we’d enjoy watching, hearing, seeing or reading ourselves.
There’s a lot you should know about us. Who we are, what we do, who we work with.

  • Izabela Skonieczka

    Partner, Creative Directoe

  • Greg Sieck

    Founder + Partner, Agency Operations

  • Mark Lantz

    Founder + Partner, Executive Creative Director