Client Start Year End Year
Arby's 2014 Current
Facebook 2020 Current
KeyBank 2019 Current
Walmart 2020 Current
BackMarket 2020 Current
Hotwire 2018 Current
American Home Shield 2019 Current
Comedy Central 2019 Current
Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx 2020 Current
Massage Envy 2018 Current

An advertising agency for companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them. That’s what it said on Fallon’s very first piece of communications, and the “outsmart vs. outspend” mentality is still at the core of how we solve problems, build brands, and help our clients.

Fallon is a full-service creative agency headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were founded in 1981 by a group of relentless dreamers who whole-heartedly believed they could build one of the world’s premiere ad agencies in “flyover country.” We’re one of the rare breed of agencies that never unbundled media, because we believe that the message and the message delivery system are equally important.

While our Midwest roots keep us hungry and humble, our ideas are anything but. We’re for brands not afraid to be noticed. We pride ourselves in developing big, business-guiding, organizing ideas. The type of powerful, yet simple, idea that can do it all, from rallying employees, architecting product launch cadences, choreographing consumer experience, and, of course, making some unforgettable ads.

  • Rocky Novak

    Rocky Novak

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Niki  Dobratz

    Niki Dobratz

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Matt Garcia

    Matt Garcia

    Managing Director of Fallon NY

  • Kara Buckner

    Kara Buckner

    Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Nikki Baker

    Nikki Baker

    Executive Creative Director

  • Leslie Shaffer

    Leslie Shaffer

    Executive Creative Director

  • Rick  Utzinger

    Rick Utzinger

    Executive Creative Director

  • Patrick  Figueroa

    Patrick Figueroa

    Executive Creative Director

  • Pat Sidoti

    Pat Sidoti

    Head of Integrated Production

  • Andy Rhode

    Andy Rhode

    Director of Media