Fame began as the retail arm of a general agency in 1991 – making us sharp, nimble and preemptive thinkers. While retail has shaped us, it no longer defines us. Today, we continue to help brands anticipate what’s next on a broader level. Grounded in strategic insight, and guided by emerging trends and cultural cues, we help brands discover what they have that people want most. And express it in a way that only they can.

  • Lynne  Robertson

    Lynne Robertson

    CEO and Owner

    A proven industry force and frequent speaker, Lynne captured the attention of the industry when she purchased Fame from its global holding company in 2015, shedding the traditional agency model for a renewed focus on bold, category-redefining work. An AdFed Silver recipient, Effie winner, member of The Hub Braintrust, honorary AdFed Board member and VP of the Twin Cities Retail Design Institute, she is wholeheartedly committed to choreographing brand experiences that consumers love to love.
  • Mike Fetrow

    Mike Fetrow

    Executive Creative Director

    Do not be fooled by his low-key demeanor and collaborative style. Mike Fetrow is a force to be reckoned with. He has a gutsy “fear no failure” approach, and he is convinced creativity can solve anything (with the awards to prove it). He’s served at Fallon, Space 150 and Saatchi San Francisco, and was called upon by both Colle + McVoy and Olson as the catalyst to transform their agency culture and creative product. He’s run his own shop (twice), co-founded The Shirt Show for the Free Arts of Minnesota – and clearly knows how to get results. Not bad for a guy who went to art school on a whim.
  • Justin Ungs

    Justin Ungs

    Director of Account Management

    Collaborative to the core, Justin serves as a seamless extension of the marketing team for a diverse range of brands, offering strategic counsel, creative insight and the occasional ridiculous gif just for kicks. He effortlessly pivots from world-class research hospital to burgers, or pets to agency pitches, often within the course of an hour. He launched his career with a brief, toe-in-the-agency-water stint on Honda and Holiday Inn Express, then spent eight years at JT Mega, where he worked on biggie brands like Nature Valley, Pillsbury, Hormel and Del Monte.