The Whopper Detour

Burger King


How do you get people excited about Burger King’s updated app with mobile ordering when they are literally last to the party?

We decided to turn McDonald’s restaurants into ours. To do this, we tweaked the BK app to geo-fence 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the nation so that consumers could order a special, one-cent Whopper only when they were within 600 feet of a McDonald’s. Hence the name, The Whopper Detour.

People were lovin’ it — in just one week the campaign led to over 6 million downloads of the BK app, more than doubling their previous number of downloads, taking the app from #426 to #1 on both the iOS and Android app stores. The work even picked up the Titanium Grand Prix, Mobile Grand Prix and the Direct Grand Prix at the 2019 Cannes Lions.