• FREEFALL: Hurtling your way between what was and what’s next.

    FREEFALL: Hurtling your way between what was and what’s next.

    Many of us have been there. One day your life is happening where and how it’s happening, and then for whatever reason it is not. Sometimes we leap from the situation we were in, sometimes we’re pushed out, and sometimes we simply fall out. What happens next is what I call Freefall: that wild, unpredictable, […]

    Full Contact Advertising, 09/28/2022

  • The biggest brand opportunity in 2021? Ask questions, listen and observe.

    The biggest brand opportunity in 2021? Ask questions, listen and observe.

    Hello New Year. I don’t know about you, but I have to imagine you are entering 2021 with a great deal of questions. Questions about all the changes we have personally experienced. Questions about all the changes we have professionally experienced. Just plain boatloads of questions. As a brand strategist (and consumer) I can’t help […]

    Full Contact Advertising, 02/04/2021

  • Finding The Strategic Opportunity

    Finding The Strategic Opportunity

    Consider this: brand strategy is critically important right now. But don’t panic. In this post we break down why that is, and 3 things you can do right now to make the most of the opportunity ahead.

    Full Contact Advertising, 09/02/2020

  • Pitching through a pandemic.

    Pitching through a pandemic.

    We’re thrilled to announce that The Massachusetts State Lottery is the newest client to join the Full Contact roster. They selected us over some truly daunting competition, but perhaps the biggest obstacle of all was figuring out how to make our final pitch during a complete shutdown. Get the full story of how we did it.

    Full Contact Advertising, 07/15/2020

  • Only the Essentials.

    Only the Essentials.

    Production with only the essentials. Clients can’t un-see this new level efficiency and productivity once it happens – and they shouldn’t. Get the full story of how we pulled it together and why it’s important.

    Full Contact Advertising, 06/24/2020

Client Start Year End Year
Zions Bank 2022 Current
NBC10 Boston 2022 Current
Silicon Valley Bank 2021 Current
Alltown 2021 Current
Temescal Wellness 2021 Current
Massachusetts State Lottery 2020 Current
Arbella Insurance (1) 2019 Current
Not Your Average Joe's 2018 Current
New England Honda Dealers 2017 2021
Alzheimer's Association 2017 Current

Full Contact is who we are. Full Contact is what we make.

Our name is also our philosophy. We excel at igniting new energy and growth into brands across multiple categories. Along the way, we have motivated high-net worth consumers to switch to a far more personal banking relationship, welcomed a new generation of millennial customers to an insurance company by creating a product just for them, and even changed the precious morning coffee routine of millions of people along the East Coast.

We do this by combining stellar strategic thinking with breakthrough creative to make more meaningful connections between a brand and a consumer. Connections that motivate people not just to think differently about a brand, but to act – to enroll, visit, switch, donate, call, click, try and buy. That’s what making Full Contact is all about.

  • Marty Donohue

    Marty Donohue

    Co-Founder, Creative Director

    There is one simple reason to explain the success Marty’s had in his twenty-five plus years of advertising; he truly loves what he does.

    It shows in the award-winning work he creates, the brands he champions, the relationships he fosters, and the terrific agency he continues to build and grow.

    Marty oversees all the creative and production work done at Full Contact and his brand experience runs far and deep, including Cumberland Farms, Zipcar, Disney, Dunkin’ Donuts, Anheuser-Busch, Calvin Klein, CVS, Marshalls, Arbella Insurance, John Hancock, Lotus, Fleet Bank, Boston.com, Star Market, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Top-Flite.

    Before opening Full Contact, Marty spent eleven years at Hill Holliday, where he eventually rose to the rank of Executive Creative Director.

    When he’s not working, Marty and his wife, Marea, live vicariously through their three off-the-wall twenty-something children, but still manage to be in bed by 10:30.
  • Jen  Maltby

    Jen Maltby

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Jen has a remarkable ability to boil down a staggering amount of information, analysis and consumer feedback into a simple, compelling strategic insight. Her background in consumer research and brand planning offers a unique perspective on how and when to tap into the consumer to inspire great work. Jen’s innovative way of thinking and brand storytelling has benefited a host of national and global brands throughout her career, including Bank of America, Kraft Foods, Walmart, Target, Heinz, Intercontinental Hotels, Tyson, ESPN, Eddie Bauer and Stop & Shop.
  • Kevin Barlow

    Kevin Barlow

    Creative Director

    Kevin represents the very best of the next generation of advertising creative talent, and he’s been a tremendous addition to our ranks since he joined Full Contact in 2008. After graduating from Hartford Art School, Kevin got his start in advertising as a production artist at Wallwork & Curry in Boston and quickle was elevated to rank of Art Director. Since he’s been with us, Kevin has made an extraordinary impact working on great brands, such as Cumberland Farms, Atlantic Broadband, Zipcar, Au Bon Pain, Uno, City Sports and Disney. His work has contributed significantly to a number of our client success stories, and he’s managed to win a number of prestigious creative awards along the way.
  • Lawrence O

    Lawrence O'Toole

    Creative Director

    For well over a decade, Lawrence has been recognized as an award-winning copywriter. But what drives him most is the opportunity to partner with clients and make an impact. Whether it be with a brand voice, a business initiative, or an idea worth sharing , Lawrence has proven himself to be an indispensable asset to his clients. In his 13 years of experience, he has created breakthrough work for brands such as Keurig, monster.com, New England Honda, Cumberland Farms and Hood. And as Creative Director, he enjoys working in every medium and challenging clients to break new ground with new ways of thinking. At home, he enjoys entertaining his two young children, and if there’s time, playing a little guitar.
  • Gillian Lynch

    Gillian Lynch

    Director of Account Management

    Gillian is the epitome of being one step ahead of the game. Brimming with experience, passionate beyond belief, Gillian is the ideal combination of smarts and soul- and what client wouldn’t love to have someone like that working on their business. Her category experience runs deep. From chain saws to baby strollers, private jets to life insurance, Gillian’s eclectic background serves her clients well. What serves them best, however, is her startling ability to make things happen quickly and brilliantly. Gillian’s brand history includes The Daylight Company, STIHL power tools, Google, Jenny Craig, Doc Martens, Mass Mutual, and Bank of America. When she is not working up a storm and thinking both in and out of the box for our clients, she likes to watch horribly trashy reality TV and spoiling her massive dog Chowder- who is easily the size of a small polar bear.
  • Kate Sumner

    Kate Sumner

    Director of Finance & Operations

    One of the things that surprises people about our ad agency is how well run we are as a business. A lot of the credit for that distinction goes to Kate Sumner, our Director of Finance & Operations. Kate makes sure we are always running a tight ship for ourselves as well as our clients. She also keeps a sharp eye on our accounting, billing, contracts, administration and day-to-day operations. She is a true expert in her craft. Before she joined Full Contact she spent 22 years at Hill Holliday, one of the best run agencies in the country. Kate spent most of her time there as VP Controller. She is an absolute pro at what she does, and we are thrilled that she is such an essential part of our team.