Founded in 1999, Fusion92 is a Marketing Transformation Partner that helps innovatively solve business challenges, delivering exponential returns for brands.

The firm fuels business transformation in today's digital economy by imagining unexpected solutions and seamlessly integrating across its end-to-end marketing products and services.

The independent, Chicago-based firm with hubs in Detroit, Austin and Denver is backed by Serata Capital Partners and Landon Capital Partners and is committed to a diverse, equitable, inclusive workplace that drives positive impact in our global community.

  • Adam Wilson

    Adam Wilson

    SVP, New Business

  • Nick Yorchak

    Nick Yorchak

    SVP, New Business

  • Jeanne Peterson

    Jeanne Peterson

    SVP, Organic Growth

  • Greg Auer

    Greg Auer

    SVP, Executive Creative Director

  • Greg Farley

    Greg Farley

    SVP, Executive Creative Director

  • Ryan Sands

    Ryan Sands

    SVP, Mint Werx

  • Joe Minnella

    Joe Minnella

    SVP, Integrated Communications

  • Emilie Hamer

    Emilie Hamer

    SVP, Strategy

  • Zach Randall

    Zach Randall

    SVP, Performance Media

  • Justin Christianson

    Justin Christianson

    SVP, CRO

  • Johanna Berger

    Johanna Berger

    SVP, Activation

  • Doreen Domask

    Doreen Domask

    SVP, Activation Client Services

  • Benjamin Cox

    Benjamin Cox

    EVP, iCOE

  • Dave Nugent

    Dave Nugent

    EVP, Data & Analytics

  • Lisa Fasana

    Lisa Fasana

    EVP, Client Services

  • Mike Eckstein

    Mike Eckstein

    EVP, Marketing Services

  • Jacob Beckley

    Jacob Beckley

    EVP, Product & Innovation

  • Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott

    President, Health

  • Marlene Clisch

    Marlene Clisch

    EVP, People Strategy

  • Mark Petrosky

    Mark Petrosky

    President, Marketing Services New Business

  • Doug Dome

    Doug Dome


  • Matt Murphy

    Matt Murphy

    Founder & CEO