Client Start Year End Year
British Airways 2019 Current
CORE 2019 Current
Rochester Institute of Technology 2018 Current
University of Michigan Ross School of Business 2014 Current
VT Industries 2010 Current
TAMKO 1978 Current
Fellowes 2017 Current
PACE 2012 Current
FedEx Ground 2007 Current
National Vision, Inc 2018 Current

Chicago. Pittsburgh. Springfield. We are Gatesman.
Gatesman is a group of talented communicators, writers, strategists, analysts and creative professionals bound by the intense desire to succeed. We don't shy away from the ever-increasing speed of business; we thrive on it. We believe that good enough sucks, and because we've got something to prove, we will always find a way to go around, over, under or through the obstacles that stand between our clients' brands and success.

Simply put, we're success junkies. We're hooked on smashing the challenges others can't and addicted to the excitement, pressure and competition that comes with it. Why? Because when our clients win, we win, too. And there's no greater rush in business.

  • Shannon Baker

    Shannon Baker


  • Julie Allard

    Julie Allard

    EVP, Executive Creative Director

  • John Gatesman

    John Gatesman

    CEO, Founder

  • Jennifer  Miller

    Jennifer Miller

    VP, Director of Analytics

  • Susan  English

    Susan English

    SVP, Director of PR & Social

  • Emily Hamill

    Emily Hamill

    SVP, Director of Connections Strategy

  • Tim Friez

    Tim Friez

    SVP, Director of Information Technology & Cyber Security

  • Debbie Zappia

    Debbie Zappia

    SVP, Director of Operations

  • Kathy Oldaker

    Kathy Oldaker

    SVP, Media Director