Yelp "Yelp Onward"



  • creative

Yelp came to us ready to launch their first ever brand campaign. With the goal of increasing their stock value, they needed to bring more people into the Yelp world.

While Google was the kiddy pool of reviews, Yelp was the ocean, with passionate contributors and local experts ready and willing to share their knowledge. This opened an opportunity to celebrate Yelpers for how much they have given to the platform, their communities, and the world.

Yelp Onward was born. Our creative platform that focused on the people writing reviews, as well as those reading the reviews. We started by celebrating the pioneers, explorers and icons, which came to life in a beautiful film; a high energy celebration of Yelpers and the places, meals, stylists, and plumbers that they opened us up to.

This campaign then translated to OOH, audio, print, and influencer partnerships. which focused not only on the places, but the people who review them. The visual identity for the campaign took inspiration from early American pioneers, creating a unique and ownable 360 campaign.