We are the Experience Agency
Making Unforgettable Stories
Born of Humanity

Not just experiential. Experience agency.
People today shift their attention constantly between the physical and digital. So we craft multisensorial experiences that live in both worlds at once. GMR pioneered this field—and we do it better than anybody else.

Stories made, not told.
When you tell stories, you narrate to a passive audience. When you make stories, you drop people inside an immersive world and turn them into active participants, so they can experience something they’ll never forget.

We put humans first.
At GMR, we obsess over people—their goals, needs, passions. Every day, we strive to understand, embrace and even reshape human culture.

Founded in 1979, GMR is an innovative global sponsorship and experiential leader, connecting brands and their consumers through shared passions. We change how people think, feel and behave through the power of experience. Experiences founded on data, rooted in insight, grounded in strategy, designed meticulously and executed flawlessly.