Six years ago, while working closely with clients like AT&T, BMW, Southwest Airlines, L.L.Bean, Marshalls and Goodyear, we (Karen Jacobs and John Trahar) couldn’t help notice that the traditional systems of the agency model added a layer of complexity and confusion to a process that required simplicity, clarity and alignment. We imagined a better way and created GCF to work at the “speed of social”, because the relevance and resonance of modern content is an always on proposition.

To achieve this, we’ve made some fundamental changes to the agency model to get your best brand voice, from social on up, out into the world with speed, accuracy, dexterity, efficacy and charm. We stopped tracking hours and focused on the quality of the deliverable instead. We cut layers of complexity and confusion out of the traditional advertising and production approach by breaking down some time-consuming silos. And our personal cell phone numbers are available to all in the name of making things better.