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Brands call us when they’re ready for change. Sometimes it's a big change (like completely reimagining their brand). Sometimes it's a smaller change (like launching a new campaign or entering a new market).

And while traditional agencies love to pretend that affecting change is a piece of cake... as a challenger agency that works with challenger brands, we know that's far from true.

What makes us different is that we acknowledge that change is hard. Because in all of our years of helping brands make seismic shifts, it's never not been a lot of hard work.

And only by acknowledging these challenges, can we overcome them together. Or better yet, turn them into opportunities.​

We like to say whatever makes it harder makes it better. So we created a club for people who agree.

  • Cameron Stark

    Cameron Stark

    Partner, Brand Growth + Operations

    For the last fifteen years, he has stewarded brands to break through the clutter and advocated for the value of creative thinking. He is passionate about unlocking a brand’s greater purpose, he is refreshingly candid even when it's slightly uncomfortable and deeply curious even when the meeting is already running long.
  • Barbato Martiniello

    Barbato Martiniello

    Creative Director (He/Him)

    But as his friend, you can just call him Bobby. His background in film, design 
and art direction allows him to take a multidisciplinary approach, creating 
unique work for brands like Netflix to the Toronto Raptors. When he’s not obsessing over great storytelling, he’s photoshopping himself into 18th century art on his Instagram (although sometimes the odd piece of 19th century art does sneak its way in).
  • Gaby Makarewicz Makarewicz

    Gaby Makarewicz Makarewicz

    Creative Director (She/Her)

    For over a decade, she’s been lucky enough to get paid to write about everything from credit cards, beer and the Olympics to shooties, acne, and farm-fresh eggs. And while she’s a life-long believer in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and the power of humour to break through, don’t let that fool you - she’s also a fan of people watching, and thrifting like it’s going out of style (honestly, most of it already has).
  • Christian Buer

    Christian Buer

    Partner, Creative Director - Design (He/Him)

    Amongst his many superpowers is the ability to see every pixel on the path to big ideas and to push the boundaries of concept and craft in wild new directions. He believes in making space for everyone at the creative table, leading with empathy and crying at work. Which, as it turns out, is both cathartic and effective.
  • Meghan Kraemer

    Meghan Kraemer

    Partner, Creative Director (She/Her)

    Meghan is an equal rights advocate for women and mothers within the Advertising industry, and a true believer in the power of continual progress above perfection. She lives to turn impossible ideas into tangible realities, to leap fearlessly from ever-greater creative heights and to chase after 
her young daughters Norah + Maeve.