Client Start Year End Year
Bel Brands USA 2019 Current
National Association of REALTORS® 2019 Current
Michelin 2019 Current
Adidas 2018 Current
Coca-Cola 2016 Current
Moen Faucets, Inc. 2016 Current
Hefty 2012 Current
Reynolds Consumer Products 2012 Current
Citibank 1980 Current
AutoZone 2014 Current

Havas Chicago creates meaningful relationships between people and brands through craft and culture. Meaningful brands deliver products and services with clear benefits, improve people’s lives and make society better. As a result, meaningful brands deliver more financial value. According to our own Meaningful Brands study, the world’s most meaningful brands outperform the stock market by 134%. We apply distinguishing consumer and cultural insights, impactful creative ideas and deeply honed storytelling skills across modern platforms to ensure brands become more meaningful.

  • Nicole Laughlin

    Nicole Laughlin


  • Maisha  Pearson

    Maisha Pearson

    Chief Client Officer

  • John Norman

    John Norman

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Jamie McGarry

    Jamie McGarry

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Lilia Arroyo Flores

    Lilia Arroyo Flores

    Chief Strategy Officer