Client Start Year End Year
Hugo Boss 2019 Current
Beam Suntory 2020 Current
L'Oreal (Garnier USA) 2016 Current
Ralph Lauren 2020 Current
CrossBorder Solutions 2020 Current
Treasury Wine Estates 2020 Current
American Eagle 2020 Current
Michelin (Digital Products & Services) 2019 Current
Mars-Wrigley (Combos) 2017 Current
Veeda 2020 Current

Our Mission
Havas New York is the flagship creative agency in North America. Our mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, brands, and lives of the people we work with.

  • Dan  Lucey

    Dan Lucey

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Laura Maness

    Laura Maness


  • Tim Maleeny

    Tim Maleeny

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Vanessa Romann

    Vanessa Romann

    Chief Growth Officer & Managing Director

  • Morgan Seamark

    Morgan Seamark

    Head of Account Management - Managing Director

  • Shannon Novak

    Shannon Novak

    Chief Talent Officer

  • Frank Mangano

    Frank Mangano

    Havas NA Chief Operating Officer and Financial Officer