What Are You Working For?


The world of work is changing fast, and it was time for ADP to reassert their leadership in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space. We embarked on a global rebranding effort that began with a strategic repositioning of ADP as Always Designing for People. Then we created a flexible design system with two signature elements: a custom type variable font system and machine learning style transfer for uniquely-branded imagery and video. We refreshed ADP’s color palette, and designed a dynamic shape library and grid system. The rebrand culminated in ADP’s first-ever 360-degree brand campaign: “What are you working for?” We launched the effort in digital and print, plus out-of-home at iconic locations like NYC’s Penn Station and San Francisco’s Montgomery Station. And we created groundbreaking experiences at SXSW, followed by the release of TV spots featuring uplifting client stories. Now the world is seeing ADP in a whole new light.