Our studio is in an old factory in the foothills of the Green Mountains. That might be a strange way to welcome you to our site. But we believe that where we are says a great deal about who we are—and how we approach our work.

All of us at HMC have chosen to live and work in Vermont. It’s simply a different sort of place for a different sort of person. It also means our clients get fresh thinking and perspective. And just maybe, that’s what you’re looking for and why you’re here.

How can we make different happen for you? Let's talk.

  • Cheryl Lamery

    Cheryl Lamery


  • Carrie Plunket

    Carrie Plunket

    Research & Strategy

  • Rick Machanic

    Rick Machanic

    Digital Director

  • Jon  Roberts

    Jon Roberts

    Associate Creative Director

  • Amy  Klinger

    Amy Klinger

    Associate Creative Director

  • Sara  Moses

    Sara Moses

    Marketing Director

  • Paula  Bazluke

    Paula Bazluke

    Vice President, Media Director

  • Eivind Ueland

    Eivind Ueland

    Executive Creative Director

  • Tom Holmes

    Tom Holmes