Client Start Year End Year
Exxon Mobil 2015 Current
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 2015 Current
Procter and Gamble 2016 Current
Google 2012 Current
Vanguard 2018 Current
Zelle 2016 Current
Shipt 2019 Current
McDonald's 2017 Current 2018 2020
Brooks Running 2019 Current

Huge is a global collective of designers, creatives, technologists and strategists. We help companies become trusted parts of people’s lives by creating products, services, and brands that people love. We work with companies like Google, Four Seasons, McDonald’s, FCA, Zelle,, Brooks and others, who are as committed to shaping culture and defining the future as we are. Headquartered in Brooklyn, we currently have more than 1,200 employees working across 13 offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • Peter Van Dijck

    Peter Van Dijck

    General Manager, Colombia

  • Judith Hoogenboom

    Judith Hoogenboom

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Jason Musante

    Jason Musante

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Andres Hernandez

    Andres Hernandez

    Managing Director, Colombia

  • Fura Jóhannesdóttir

    Fura Jóhannesdóttir

    Chief Design Officer

  • Jacque Jordan

    Jacque Jordan

    Head of Research

  • Michael Horn

    Michael Horn

    Chief Data Officer

  • Raj Singhal

    Raj Singhal

    COO & CFO

  • Matt Weiss

    Matt Weiss

    President, Brooklyn

  • Arif Mansuri

    Arif Mansuri

    Managing Director, Business Strategy

  • Jason Schlossberg

    Jason Schlossberg

    Managing Director, Strategic Communications

  • Richard Swain

    Richard Swain

    Group Vice President, Brand Strategy & Identity

  • Kim Cortese

    Kim Cortese

    Head of Production

  • Martin Riley

    Martin Riley

    Managing Director, APAC

  • Paul Randall

    Paul Randall

    Head of Delivery

  • Alex Pym

    Alex Pym

    Managing Director, London

  • Dan Hou

    Dan Hou

    President, Atlanta & DC

  • Ranae Heuer

    Ranae Heuer

    President, Chicago & Detroit

  • Matt Di Paola

    Matt Di Paola

    Managing Director, Canada

  • Scott Schreiber

    Scott Schreiber

    Chief Legal and Administrative Officer

  • Mark Manning

    Mark Manning

    President, Google

  • Christie Allport

    Christie Allport

    Group Vice President, Global Communications