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Hayward Industries 2012 Current

Hunt Adkins is a creative brand consultancy that solves business problems by interweaving modern culture, commerce and technology for future-defining brands.

Also, we like to blow shit up.

We are perhaps best known for our ongoing and rather public feud with Convention, the Expected and all things Status and Quo. We hate those guys; for over 20 years we’ve been beating the wise-ass smirks out of them all over the planet.

We partner with like-minded anarchists who like nothing better than to be handed Molotov cocktails of ideas to be hurled about with wild abandon. All we require of those we work with is that they are brilliant, confident, courageous and relentlessly driven to change the world, one well-thrown idea at a time.

Our anti-taupe agenda is accomplished through any and all means necessary: Sometimes advertising is involved, but oftentimes it’s something quite different. Digital, analog, experiential, high-tech, low-tech—our only concern is to find the best method of delivery for explosive ideas.

We reward our clients’ trust with relentless determination, passion that borders on obsession and the kind of loyalty seldom found outside of German Shepherds.

We will not stop until we’ve driven back the Hordes of Milquetoast and made our clients kings of a more interesting world.

Hear that? That’s the sound of another big idea hitting its mark.