• Dollar General

    Dollar General's New Ads Focus on Its Role in Communities

    "What's important has a way of raising us up. Getting us out of bed. Driving us forward." –Dollar General HZ, too. That's why we're so excited to share the work we created with Dollar General. In a time where purpose and passion are on the forefront of every brand marketer's mind, it's especially important to ground ideas in action. Dollar General tells its corporate story and shares its mission of serving its customers and employees with the new campaign, "Here for what matters."

    https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hzdg_dollargeneral-activity-6841090504709541888-wG0H/, 09/08/2021

  • HZ | Washington Wizard

    HZ | Washington Wizard's 2020-21 'DC Above All' Season Campaign

    HZ partnered with the Washington Wizards to develop the tagline, look, feel, and overall approach to the creative of the 2020/21 season campaign.

    HZ Blog, 12/01/2020

  • A More Sustainable Way to Create For the Web

    A More Sustainable Way to Create For the Web

    How “digital emissions”—the energy consumed by using the internet—has skyrocketed, and how we can fight it.

    HZ Blog, 04/12/2021

  • Building a Full-Service Production Studio

    Building a Full-Service Production Studio

    Officially launched in 2015, HZ Productions is our agency’s independently operated, full-service production team. From strategy and concept to live action, animation, still photography, audio, and more—for a wide range of media—we help our brands discover meaningful opportunities and act on them via carefully crafted and impactful content. But this did not happen overnight.

    HZ Blog, 05/10/2021

  • HZ + Organic Valley Trace Milk Back From Table to Farm - The New York Times

    HZ + Organic Valley Trace Milk Back From Table to Farm - The New York Times

    Catering to people who want to know about where their food comes from, the group is telling its farmers’ stories and inviting consumers to tour member farms.

    NYTimes, 07/17/2016

Client Start Year End Year
Hilton Worldwide 2010 2019
Brookfield Properties 2017 Current
Organic Valley 2015 Current
National Aquarium 2017 Current
Real Page 2020 Current
Cuisine Solutions 2010 Current
Kawasaki 2018 Current
Volkswagen of America 2010 Current

HZ is a full-service creative agency that connects unique brands and diverse audiences in innovative, relevant ways. This means that, instead of stacking specific capabilities (digital, video, etc.), we combine wide-ranging creative expertise with strategic vision to build what brands need to break through and earn attention from audiences that matter most.

HZ has spent over three decades earning attention for a broad and diversified pool of partners and clients. Their growing range of needs has provided us with unending inspiration, allowing us to work across an array of industries, including hospitality and tourism, consumer products, professional services, real estate, sports and entertainment, non-profit organizations, and national associations. We take an organization-specific, relevance-first approach to solving challenges, from re-envisioning brand identities and enterprise-level messaging campaigns to developing rich digital experiences for globally renowned clients. In doing so, we’re able to ensure that our work meets audiences meaningfully—and creates impressions that keep them coming back.

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    Katie Hooper