• Incubeta US is Google Full-Stack Certified

    Incubeta US is Google Full-Stack Certified

    Incubeta is thrilled to announce that our US office has achieved Google full-stack certification, an achievement that allows us to fully amplify business growth for our clients via Google’s expansive resources and powerful platforms.

    Incubeta, 09/30/2021

  • Incubeta Acquires Global Marketplace Expert, Maze-One

    Incubeta Acquires Global Marketplace Expert, Maze-One

    Marketplace agency Maze-One will be joining the Incubeta family and expanding their global employee roster by 50+ talented experts. The latest acquisition will position Incubeta as a leading expert in the marketplace space, helping clients upgrade their growth within current markets and expand internationally.

    Incubeta, 09/16/2021

  • Driving Profitability in the TV Landscape

    Driving Profitability in the TV Landscape

    Connected TV (CTV) has grown exponentially over the last decade, with digital video ad spend, driven by CTV, forming 56% of total video in 2021. And like the majority of growth we see within the industry, with this expansion of digital video comes the opportunity for marketers to tap into a rich targeting environment, with high measurability, while speaking to and answering consumer demands.

    Incubeta, 08/10/2021

  • Harnessing the Power of Creative for a Worthy Cause

    Harnessing the Power of Creative for a Worthy Cause

    There’s no denying that creative is a powerful communication tool. Design has the unique ability to engage and connect with the viewer, conveying meaning on a deeper level. Using our creative expertise we decided to harness this power to raise awareness of important global issues in the hopes of helping information reach a wider audience on social media.

    Incubeta, 08/05/2021

  • A Spotlight on Privacy - Cutting Through The Noise

    A Spotlight on Privacy - Cutting Through The Noise

    We need to start thinking about and address what changes in privacy mean for the advertising industry. We should shy away from viewing privacy measures as adverse to performance or that they’re inversely incompatible. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there is a multitude of prospective solutions being worked on as we speak to help create a safer, more transparent way of providing great experiences. We need to become customer-centric, and the opportunity marketers and brands now have is to build on existing and new client relationships in a mutually transparent way. Incubeta's latest webinar explores how you can champion customer centricity, drive business growth, and navigate a privacy-first world in a way that suits your brand.

    Incubeta, 07/28/2021

Client Start Year End Year
Disney 2006 Current
Google 2007 Current
WebMD 2014 Current
NBCUniversal 2017 Current
DraftKings 2019 Current
Rakuten 2020 Current
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams 2020 Current
Golden Nugget Online Casino 2021 Current

Incubeta is a team of over 440 creators, thinkers, makers, and doers working across 17 offices globally to unlock business growth for clients including Google, Hyundai, Netflix, HBO, and L'Oréal.

Incubeta combines capabilities across the full spectrum of digital disciplines to deliver standout outcomes at every brand touchpoint, from awareness to fulfillment.

Incubeta’s ‘Upgrade your Growth’ narrative emphasizes how the business will grow alongside its clients focusing on expanding our services and products across the entire customer journey, giving clients back control over their data, customers, and actions. The Incubeta group has grown 20 fold over the past 7 years, offering fantastic growth opportunities for staff and helping its rising number of clients grow in a complex digital environment.

The unification of its specialisms will ensure Incubeta remains at the forefront of innovation to help businesses unlock the power of digital and amplify growth.

  • Lars Lehne

    Global CEO

  • John Cawdery

    CEO, US

  • Sara Francis

    Chief Creative Solutions Officer, US

  • Ed Camargo

    Managing Director, Media

  • Zoe Hall

    Managing Director, AdTech and Measurement Solutions