OTIS: Made to Move You



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The challenge
160 years ago, Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator and sent the modern world reaching toward the sky. In the years that followed, competitors arrived, the industry became commoditised, and that once bold brand fell into a sea of sameness.

Iris set out to create a fresh, audacious brand identity that would at once help Otis stand out on a global scale and re-envision how it engaged employees, builders, architects, customers and the 2 billion people it moves every day.

Based on market research, we found that the 5 leading brands in the category were all viewed as being reliable, innovative and cutting edge.

So, we chose to focus on moving brand perception to a space no others could claim.

We needed to avoid cold specifications and statistics and focus on the customers, riders and employees that Otis moves every day.

Our solution
We surfaced the authentic values that helped
Otis reach the #1 position in the first place.
This was articulated through the brand’s new core promise: ‘Reinventing the way you move through the connected world.’

Authentic, yet aspirational—this passionate purpose became a long-term guiding light for everything Otis now does as a company.

Born out of this passionate purpose, Made to Move You is a promise to every single person that Otis touches—including its employees, its customers and the world at large.

More than just a tagline, this was Otis’s rallying cry – and the inspiration that drove everything the brand introduced into the market after launch.