Client Start Year End Year
Chick-fil-A 2009 Current
Toyota Motor North America 2012 Current
Coca-Cola Company 2004 Current
Primrose Schools 2009 Current
Cricket Wireless 2019 Current
Interstate Batteries 2016 Current
Mattress Firm 2014 Current
Publix Super Markets 1995 Current
Orkin 2000 Current
Delta Air Lines 1999 Current

In the summer of 1995, eight like-minded people decided there had to be a better way to structure a marketing communications agency, serve clients, advance the community and have fun doing it. The result was Jackson Spalding, an agency that, in our clients’ words, “just feels different.”

We’ve never aimed to be the biggest, flashiest or edgiest agency – just the most trusted and respected. And we work to earn that with our clients every day. Success is measured in our clients’ emotional appreciation rather than our own financial appreciation. We stay humble. We remain hungry. We embrace thoughtful questions above quick answers. We build capabilities and add talent as our clients and their audiences evolve. We choose to work with people, clients and brands that inspire us. If you and your brand want to be known as the best at what you do, and have some fun doing it, you’ll be in good company with JS.

  • Colin Owens

    Colin Owens

    Business Development Director

  • Heather Hooper

    Heather Hooper

    Business Development Manager

  • Randall Kirsch

    Randall Kirsch


  • Joanna Singleton

    Joanna Singleton