Javelin is a CXRM agency connecting brands and customers through individualized communications and experiences. Our approach fuses traditional CRM and CX offerings to deliver individualized, design-inspired communications made accountable and possible through data and analytics that connect human outcomes with business outcomes.

We combine creativity and big data to produce outcomes for brands, and develops Journeys of One™ — a unified customer journey, reimagined from the customer’s point of view, powered by one data set. The data derived from each customer interaction provides insight into what drives, inspires and matters most to each customer, illuminating opportunities to cultivate deeper, meaningful engagement.

We use data to simplify. We identify which relationships to invest in, which journeys matter the most, and which specific interactions matter the most within those journeys.

We choreograph Journeys of One™ by leveraging our advanced analytic techniques to assess the ROI of all touch points along the journey. We use ethnography and empathy mapping to define the moments that represent a brand’s biggest opportunities with customer — connecting human outcomes to business outcomes. We’ve delivered double-digit ROI gains, often within the first year of implementation — resulting in deeper relationships with customers, increased customer retention and higher levels of customer lifetime value (LTV).

At Javelin, we …
Turn chaos into confidence. 
Make data more human.
Activate technology to drive better experiences. 
Transform content into stories. 

  • David Anders

    David Anders

    EVP, Business Development & Strategic Alliances

    As the EVP/Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Javelin, David has an exceptional ability to quickly connect with people, and to astutely hone in on ways of working together, that helps clients leverage insights and data to drive growth. His experiences within the industry gives him a broad perspective that we’re excited to bring to our clients, our partners and our network. As a 20+ year agency veteran, David previously led digital and customer engagement efforts for Microsoft’s consumer brands, including Xbox, Windows and Bing, and has managed work for some of the world’s best brands, including AT&T, The American Heart Association, Bank of America, Pizza Hut, JCPenney, Yahoo! and Tommy Bahama. David earned an undergraduate degree in journalism from Texas Christian University, holds an MBA in management and received professional direct marketer certification from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. David is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoys running in marathons, cycling, snow skiing and spending time in the mountains and on the beach with his wife and two daughters.
  • Mike McCartin

    Mike McCartin


    Accomplished marketer and leader with more than 25 years of marketing experience and a passion for leveraging strategy, creative, analytics and technology. Wears cowboy boots every day.
  • Tina Posey

    Tina Posey


    Proven marketing executive with expertise in cultivating solid, long-term client relationships and delivering marketing strategies that drive tangible business results. Has a thing for beaches and icy rum punch.
  • David Selwood

    David Selwood

    Chief Analytics Officer

    Global analytics business leader who has built customer analytics offerings and econometric solutions, and helped significant marketing ROI improvements in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Poor but passionate golfer and huge England Rugby supporter.
  • John Mullin

    John Mullin

    SVP, Strategy and Planning

    Strategic marketing executive with a focus on insight-driven integrated marketing, planning and innovation. Leads our behavioral insights team of analysts, planners and inferential leapers. Travels with his bicycle whenever possible.
  • Leigh Ober

    Leigh Ober

    Chief People Officer

    Veteran executive focused on talent management, employee and external communications, crisis communications, human resources staffing and employee relations programs. Enjoys live music more than you can imagine.