Find Truth. Fight BS. Be Remarkable.

KC Truth is an integrated creative agency relentlessly dedicated to pushing brands to find truth, rebel against convention and accomplish the remarkable. We believe that when strategy, creative and media truly work together as one, we can create exponentially more powerful results.

Smart Strategy
We reveal core truths rooted in human insights that will move the hearts and minds of your audience.

Bold Creative
We push beyond the expected, turning truths into bold creative ideas that can't be ignored.

Modern Media
We apply art and science to help you cut through the chaos and be unmissable at the right moments.

What Makes KC Truth Remarkable

If you ask our clients what makes KC Truth special, in addition to the people and culture, these are some things you might hear.

Independent, Women-Owned
Delivering the agile, responsive service of an independent agency since 1988,

Global Scale
Member of Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN). 90+ agencies across 30 countries providing added scale, expertise & market intelligence.

Truth Workshops
Part brand strategy session, part therapy session designed to align disparate client stakeholders and inspire brand momentum.

The Truth Bar
A members-only space for our employees, clients, their teams, and special guests to collaborate in search of truth and bold ideas.

Processes, approach, and culture hard-wired to simplify the complex and cut through the BS that gets in the way of success.

Unmatched Resources
Access to premium audience profiling, data analytics and innovative media planning and buying tools unavailable to many of our peers.

Results Driven
Commitment to measuring and optimizing to drive real business value for clients.