Serving the marketing needs of technology-based clients since 1988.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising is an agency designed to meet the needs of a select group of technology-oriented clients who have higher expectations for performance, service and accountability from their marketing and advertising partners.

Our relationships with these clients have endured for many years – a feat that’s very rare within our industry. And especially within the high-tech industry.

Part of the reason for our longevity with them has been the success of the work we’ve produced on their behalf, of course, in consistently driving sales of the products and services they offer. That’s what we’re paid to do.

An equally important part may be the way we treat them on a daily basis. In fact, perhaps the greatest compliment we’ve ever received came from a long-time client who once said:

“I know you must have other clients. But every time I talk to you, I feel like I’m the only client you have...”

And that’s the way it should always be.

Located in King of Prussia, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, we serve clients in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We also serve clients across the country in Colorado, Tennessee and Texas; as well as international clients around the globe.

150 South Warner Rd.

Suite 250

King of Prussia, PA 19083

(610) 341-0430