At our core, KERN is a Continuous Revenue Marketing (CRM) agency with a passion for driving revenue growth at speed and scale, through the power of neuroscience, data-driven targeting, and brand-to-demand marketing.

KERN has been a direct response agency from the start, and 30 years later, it still drives everything we do. We develop strategies and creative based on data analytics, consumer insights and proven neuroscience principles that help us understand our audience and motivates action. We continually track, test, and learn so that we can optimize performance through improved experiences and changing consumer behaviors, while optimizing targeting and improving creative/messaging based on found insights.

KERN is a division of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, a publicly traded company with over 400 employees in five offices across Los Angeles, Dallas and New York. While KERN does not have locations outside of the U.S., Omnicom, our holding company, has offices/agencies across the globe. This has several benefits for clients, starting with the ability to extend the workday by taking advantage of the extra hours across time zones. What’s more, it gives us a better national understanding of consumers, markets, and behaviors that can be a big help with clients that have national reach to national clients that want to regionalize their messages.

In addition, KERN has a very diverse culture that provides real human insights. We believe that understanding people—their interests, values, pain, and motivations—is at the foundation of what we do and why our marketing is so successful.

  • Camilla  Grozian-Lorentzen

    Camilla Grozian-Lorentzen