As the first advertising agency to define and use the principles of digital brand engagement, L7 Creative is committed to growing brands by integrating creative strategies with online technologies.

For over a decade L7 Creative has been applying its proprietary Square Method to reinvent, grow and connect brands with their audience. Inspired by the pulse of today, L7 Creative shapes the brands that will own tomorrow.

  • Tom Gallego

    Founder, Chief Creative Officer

    I’ve spent two decades in advertising, branding, and digital marketing and created new ways for my client-partners to grow and strengthen their brands. Every day has been a passionate learning experience in this pursuit. Along the way, my agency has developed groundbreaking creative and strategy, transforming my clients' business.

    Today we are experiencing a digital marketing ecosystem that is evolving at an unprecedented speed. It's challenging marketers to stay relevant. My personal mission, and the one of L7 Creative, is to stay on the leading edge of Digital Brand Engagement so that our client-partners can achieve great things.
  • Harley Orion

    Principal, Executive Producer

    To quote Gandhi: “If you are going to be a bear ….be a grizzly.” Succeeding in today’s hyperactive marketplace requires 110% commitment and drive.

    Since launching my first interactive agency in the early 2000s, I’ve witnessed the most exciting transition in the history of marketing. I’ve helped startups and established brands develop strategies combining emerging technologies with customer insights, producing deeper engagement and proven results.

    My specialties are in open source web technologies, user experience, digital marketing, analytics, and SEO. At L7 Creative, I manage our technology team, and ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge strategies and top-quality execution.