Lafayette American is an independent creative agency.

We are brand accelerators: marketing experts, creatives and connectors who deliver tip of the spear thinking, pointy ideas that help brands take Great Leaps Forward. We like solving problems – period. We are much more committed to collaboration than competition, having seen the real-world benefits of playing well with others. We like team building. We like delivering business results. We’re ambitious.

  • Toby Barlow

    Toby Barlow

    Chief Creative Officer / CEO

  • Emily Siegel

    Emily Siegel

    President | Partner

  • Don Peasley

    Don Peasley

    Account Director

  • Doug Patterson

    Doug Patterson

    Creative Director | Partner

  • Meg Jannott

    Meg Jannott

    Head of Design

  • Ben Bator

    Ben Bator

    Chief Innovation Officer | Partner