Client Start Year End Year
D. G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. 2017 Current
Jewelers Mutual Insurance 2012 Current
Vienna Beef 2021 Current
LVNG With Lung Cancer 2019 Current
Floricity 2021 Current
National Restaurant Association 2021 Current
Crisis Prevention Institute 2019 Current
USG 2020 Current
ASPCA 2018 Current
Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago 2014 Current

Laughlin Constable is a full-service, independent advertising agency with deep digital roots since 1976. We take brands From Now to Next by leveraging technology to elevate creativity. From the beginning, we designed ourselves for a specific type of client: one looking for a transformation, not just incremental change. We work best with those who understand the peril of being satisfied with the status quo, and we help them find and leverage inflection points: those critical moments in time when what has been can become what might be.

Our mission is to help propel brands from NOW to NEXT. We live our mission by constantly evolving ourselves and our services to fulfill the needs of our clients to build their brands and define their futures. In today’s world, ideas must live in any place across the widening marketing mix. That’s why we’ve constantly evolved our services to include all disciplines, from design and digital to mobile and analytics. And because we have no departmental P&Ls or silos, it makes no difference whether we produce a TV commercial, an e-newsletter or a tweet. Our only concern is driving value and return for our clients.

While we have two geographic locations, we operate as one business. We align our staffing with business needs, matching disciplines, experience and personalities with clients.

  • Steve Laughlin

    Steve Laughlin

    Owner, Executive Chairman

  • Rome Seifert

    Rome Seifert

    Acting Chief Executive Officer

  • Jon Laughlin

    Jon Laughlin

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Pat Laughlin

    Pat Laughlin

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Paul Brienza

    Paul Brienza

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Kris  Naidl

    Kris Naidl

    EVP, Managing Director of Public Relations

  • Vanessa Watts

    Vanessa Watts

    EVP, Media

  • Renee Haber

    Renee Haber

    EVP, Account Services

  • Terry Corrigan

    Terry Corrigan

    EVP, Account Services

  • Heather Batchelor

    Heather Batchelor

    EVP, Human Resources