LEVO Health is a full-service healthcare advertising and consulting agency that works with physician groups, surgery centers, health systems and other healthcare focused companies to increase their patient acquisition goals through data-driven marketing and direct-to-patient advertising strategies. Offices in Tampa and New York.

What Makes Us Different
We Provide the Patients. You Provide the Care.
Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing & Patient Engagement

For today’s healthcare consumer, navigating a maze of treatment options, physician reviews, and insurance markets can bring more frustration than relief. For providers, operating a fiscally sound healthcare business under increasing pressures from regulatory bodies and reimbursement cuts can be equally as challenging.

LEVO Health was formed to meet these challenges head-on with a team of professionals focused on providing healthcare branding, direct to patient medical marketing and patient engagement platforms that simplify the healthcare decision making process and drive more qualified patients through your practice’s door.

We work with physician groups, surgery centers, health systems and other healthcare focused companies all over the world, with clients right here in our hometown, and as far away as China. Our success is measured by the number of new patients we can connect with the right physician, at the right time and place.

We Speak Patient.
Most healthcare decisions start with an intimate conversation between a loved one or friend. Identifying the core truths of these conversations and the questions they raise is key to crafting a medical marketing strategy that engages patients in a language they understand.

Data-Driven. Patient-Centric.
In today’s vast media landscape, the average consumer is bombarded with over 6,000 branding impressions per day; and 59% of those messages are of little relevance to the end viewer. Getting your healthcare brand to shine brightly amongst a sea of shiny objects requires a keen understanding of the target patient population and the online/offline media mix they engage with on a daily basis.

  • David  Williams

    David Williams

    Chief Strategy Officer