Littlefield Agency specializes in B2B brands who sell to an end-user via a dealer / distributor network. Using insightful research techniques and social and digital media strategies and tactics typically used for consumer brands, we are now able to speak directly to the brand's bests customers and prospects, better telling the brand story and engaging them where they go into the channel and PULL products through by name. This PULL strategy complements the traditional B2B PUSH strategy, creating more sales opportunities that both the brand and the channel partners love.

  • Cullen Koger

    Cullen Koger

    Associate Creative Director

  • Jason Jordan

    Jason Jordan

    Associate Creative Director

  • Steve Roop

    Steve Roop

    Interactive Director

  • Sam Littlefield

    Sam Littlefield

    Strategist / Business Development Director

  • Mike  Rocco

    Mike Rocco

    V.P. / Creative Director

  • Laurie Tilley

    Laurie Tilley

    S.V.P. / Insights & Brand Strategy

  • Marellie Littlefield

    Marellie Littlefield

    V.P. / Finance and HR

  • David Littlefield

    David Littlefield

    President & CEO