Client Start Year End Year
Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Massachusetts 2015 Current
Bank of America 2012 Current

Mad*Pow is a design agency that improves experience people have with technology, organizations, and each other. The research, strategy, design and development we do is focused on delivering measurable results, ultimately helping our clients design and deliver engaging, intuitive, and meaningful experiences to their target audience. Our approach to design is backed by a flexible methodology that includes scientific methods balanced with experience, strategy, creativity, and invention. Our passionate team is consistently learning new methods, trying them, refining them, and teaching others how to do them, guiding our clients and our industry in new and positive directions. Our process is cyclical in nature and is centered around research and strategy. This allows our team to adapt to a client's needs and engage with them at the onset of defining their new initiative, or begin our engagement at any point in their initiative's life cycle... whether that be during the conceptual design phase, during testing of a concept or product, or possibly during the development of their new product or service. The adaptability and flexibility of our design process enables us to accurately match specific steps in our process with the scope and main business drivers of our client's initiative, ultimately delivering measurable results and exceeding our client's wildest expectations.

  • Amy Cueva

    Founder, Chief Experience Officer

  • Will Powley

    Founder, Chief Creative Officer

  • Michael Hawley

    Chief Design Officer

  • Bradley Honeyman

    Chief Operation Officer

  • Michael Kirkpatrick

    SVP, Client Services