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Kids Foot Locker 2022 Current
MatchGroup (BLK) 2021 Current
Amazon Web Services 2022 Current
CDC Foundation 2021 Current
General Motors 2022 Current
The Coca-Cola Company 2021 Current
NBA (National Basketball Association) 2021 Current

Not a multicultural agency. An agency for The Culture.

Agencies love telling clients to “disrupt the status quo.” Yet, when it comes to talent, for far too long, our industry has accepted the abysmal status quo of 25% BIPOC employees—and that number plummets to single digits as you work your way up the ladder to the C suite. Convention wisdom dictates that these legacy agencies and models own “general market advertising,” while the rest of us must accept our niche as “multicultural” specialists. But as demographics rapidly shift in America and agencies increasingly fail to reflect the audiences they serve, lack of representation isn’t just harmful to society, it’s also just really bad business.

So, as the old holding-company system embarks on a slow, murky journey of change, we are devoted to creating a new system that helps accelerate the rate of change in our industry. Majority is mission-built on a diversity-led talent model that aims to reverse the longstanding diversity ratio, turning the minority into the majority. We do this not just for a more equitable industry, but on the thesis that diversity is the ultimate competitive advantage for culturally disruptive creativity.

We are not a multicultural agency. Repeat: WE ARE NOT A MULTICULTURAL AGENCY. Majority is an agency for the culture. We weaponize creativity to put brands into culture, and culture into brands.

We are founded in Atlanta, one of the few cities in America where the minority is the majority, and where local culture influences global pop culture. We are co-founded by Shaquille O’Neal, a cultural icon who shares our mission: to accelerate the normalization of diverse faces powering the most creative companies in the world.