Mangos is an independent shop of creative activists who help brands, around the world, solve problems in ways that inspire action. Whether it’s through a surprising strategy, a new category invention, or an omni-channel campaign – we work towards big, bold ambitious answers that drive big, bold ambitious results. You’ll find us just a few miles west of Philadelphia.

  • Bill Gast

    Bill Gast

    Chief Executive Officer

    Don’t let the suspenders and bowtie fool you. Bill lettered in wrestling. He also used to race motorcycles. Which helps explain his tenacious commitment to serving the needs of our clients. He honed his management and marketing skills at the Business Management Program at the Wharton School of Business. But he also went to art school, which makes for a formidable mix of creative, marketing and business expertise. When he’s not out actively growing the business, he’s active in his other two loves. Serving as a Trustee of his alma mater, the University of the Arts, and teaching environmental sustainability and stewardship in Kenya.
  • Bradley Gast

    Bradley Gast

    Chief Creative Officer

    Bradley is the guiding hand of Mangos. He is as clear as he is passionate about creating advertising that surprises, inspires and, most importantly, works brilliantly for our clients. A relentless perfectionist, Bradley looks at clients’ needs from every conceivable angle. Then he scrutinizes the agency’s response until it is honed into a solution that is results-oriented, targeted and effective. A graduate of The University of the Arts, Bradley has over 30 years of experience in advertising and draws on a range of creative, marketing and business expertise to keep Mangos moving forward.
  • Joanne de Menna

    Joanne de Menna

    SVP, Director of Strategy

    You know that point in a meeting when someone asks the unexpected question that takes the discussion to a higher level and leads to an unexpected solution? That’s often Joanne. A distinguished creative leader with over 25 years of experience, she has the uncanny ability to make the critical observation which turns a good strategy into a great one. Her focus is on ferreting out the white space that gives brands lots of elbow room to differentiate, grow and thrive. As an American history buff, she is reassured by the contentiousness of our Founding Fathers.
  • Brooke DeLuise

    Brooke DeLuise

    Experience Strategy Director

    Brooke wears a lot of hats. As Mangos’ director of new media, she has to. She oversees all of the strategic digital planning and implementation for all our clients. Somehow, she still finds time to develop best practices, roll out new processes, maintain alliances with key agency partners, and stay current with ever-changing U/X trends. How does one person who stands barely five feet tall accomplish such lofty goals? A combination of a tenacious work ethic and the ability to function on three hours of sleep.
  • Justin Moll

    Justin Moll

    Creative Director

    Justin is a man of few words. His bold approach to creative problem solving speaks for itself. His art direction has brought new life to brands ranging from art schools to roller derby leagues. A graduate of Philadelphia University, Justin has been recognized with awards from the Philadelphia Art Directors’ Club, Graphis, Communication Arts and a national gold ADDY. His work for The University of the Arts was included in the permanent collection of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. When he’s not at his desk, Justin is wrenching on Lucille, his ’70 Nova. Which just about says it all.
  • Kevin Couch

    Kevin Couch

    Creative Director

    During a formative sophomore year in college, Kevin unceremoniously failed an advanced class in economics. Technically, he squeaked by with a D, but the important point is Kevin traded supply and demand for Shakespeare and Twain and decided to major in English. That decision likely prevented a catastrophic economic collapse somewhere along the way and eventually led to a career in advertising that now spans 20-some years and counting. Kevin’s expertise lies in distilling complex ideas and marketing strategies into compelling creative ideas that inspire, move and motivate. For his work, Kevin has been recognized with Addy, Clio, O’Toole, and Radio Mercury Awards, and was named a finalist for the Cannes Lion in advertising. Some of his work is on permanent display as part of the film and video exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Patti Monaco

    Patti Monaco

    SVP, Account Management

    Every successful company needs a Patti, a person who can easily slip in and out of an array of critical roles. In Patti’s case, those roles include leading account teams on new product launches, global advertising campaigns and corporate branding programs. Her clients have ranged from large health systems to private universities, and everything in between. A graduate of West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in communications, Patti has also completed graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania. Rumor has it she can survive for weeks on nothing but Diet Coke.