Manifesto is a brand declaration and advertising agency located in Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI.

Our Manifesto:

We are the fearless ones. The why-nots in a world of cannots. We believe in lightning strikes. A belief that puts insights and stories above artifice and vanity. We believe in the tin man’s heart. Soulless brands are only meaningful when given a fleshy, beating heart. We believe in tilting at windmills. Sometimes the best causes are those only the dreamers, the dare-ers and the blind can see.

We believe in care over commerce. That when you give a damn, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

We believe in the life lived deliberately. “Most men go to their graves with their song still in them.” We will make our finite lives and work count, each informing the other—and both be better for it. We believe in the immutable power of story and those who propel it.

We believe brands were meant to stand for more.