• Martin Williams Rebrands - The Minneapolis EgotistThe Minneapolis Egotist

    Martin Williams Rebrands - The Minneapolis EgotistThe Minneapolis Egotist

    This month, Martin Williams revealed their own rebrand, including a new shape, tone, color palette and way they show up in the world. This work was lead by Chief Creative Officer, Brock Davis, who joined the agency last summer. For a legacy agency that has existed for over 70 years, Martin Williams has had its share

    The Minneapolis Egotist, 05/20/2019

  • Kubota Tractor Consolidates Under Martin Williams

    Kubota Tractor Consolidates Under Martin Williams

    Kubota Tractor Corporation is placing all of its advertising under Martin Williams Advertising after a competitive review.  The Minneapolis-based agency will add the client's tractor, mower and rough terrain vehicle businesses to the account that previously serviced its construction division for the past five years. South Dakota's Paulsen served as the incumbent agency. Under the remit, Martin Williams will oversee strategy, media planning and creative with the agency expecting to increase staff to handle this expanded business.

    MediaPost, 11/08/2018

  • Freddie Richards, former Carmichael Lynch executive, to join Martin Williams

    Freddie Richards, former Carmichael Lynch executive, to join Martin Williams

    Richards will serve as head of production of Minneapolis-based Martin Williams Advertising starting Nov. 12.

    Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, 10/15/2018

  • Movers & Shakers: Brock Davis, chief creative officer, Martin Williams Advertising

    Movers & Shakers: Brock Davis, chief creative officer, Martin Williams Advertising

    Brock Davis, returning to Martin Williams Advertising as chief creative officer, wants to turn the agency's momentum into "a torrent" and amplify "the power of the idea" in its work for brands. Davis was art director at Martin Williams from in 1999-2002. He rejoins the agency after four years as chief creative officer at Space150. "The great thing about being at Martin Williams is this agency was started in creativity," Davis said. "So there already is that beating heart. I just want it to beat so much stronger. I'm excited to help it along with [President] Lori Davis and the other team members here." Through his career, Davis, who also has been group creative director at Carmichael Lynch and Olson, has worked with clients including Apple, Jack Link's, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Target, Porsche and Subaru. Also a conceptual artist working in music, painting, illustration, sculpture and photography, Davis has exhibited in galleries around the world and has 186,000 Instagram followers. "In the mid-2000s after putting so much of my creative power into the industry, I felt like I needed to start giving myself some other baskets to put my eggs in," Davis said. Davis' artistic work came to the attention of British artist Banksy, whose Dismaland "bemusement park" included 18 pieces from Davis. Q: What's your approach as chief creative officer? A: I like to see who has that spark, who needs some walls knocked down. I love to find people that need a little bit of motivation, a little mentoring or guidance. I don't like to micromanage people but I like to empower them. I encourage the creative teams to seek original thinking, an original idea. Q: What's your vision for the agency? A: That work can happen more quickly, that you can make the most of the technology that we have to film, to create and to make. We can streamline things and help it be much more nimble but more importantly do so without sacrificing the idea and the insight into the idea. We can move quickly and effectively and make work that people talk about and think about and want to share. Q: How does that benefit clients? A: Our business is the idea business. Great work really can solve business problems. I like the client to be involved, and if they have ideas that can help make the work stronger then to absolutely listen to that. Brands are very personal for clients. When you have an agency relationship, you're sort of asking someone to dress your child. Clients need to be connected with what the agency is doing and creating and be sure that we are relaying the right personality and that we're dressing the kid the right way for school.

    Star Tribune, 08/26/2018

  • Finnegans: TV Takeover by Martin Williams Advertising - The Drum

    Finnegans: TV Takeover by Martin Williams Advertising - The Drum

    With the help of the latest AR technology, Minneapolis-based Finnegans found a way to beat the system and put a commercial on television sets in living rooms across the country – for free – during the big game.

    The Drum, 02/01/2018

Client Start Year End Year
General Mills 2018 Current
Kubota 2013 Current
Syngenta 1985 Current
3M Corporation 1978 Current
Vista Outdoor 2017 Current
Allina Aetna 2018 Current
Crop Risk Services - AIG 2018 Current
National Veterinary Associates 2017 Current
Minnesota Twins Community Fund 2010 Current
Finnegans Brew Co. 2009 Current

In a world of clutter that can’t, we make ideas that can.
Somewhere along the way, ideas got lost. Buried under an avalanche of content created for the sake of creating content, any content. Brands needed to do more with less. Less time, less money. And in this shift, ideas were the first thing to go. But ideas are the only way to find clarity in the clutter.

That is the opportunity. Because now, more than ever, there is power in ideas. In ideas that can move people. Ideas that can nudge and stir and incite and provoke and propel people. Ideas that are rooted in deeply human insight and brought to life effortlessly.

That is what we make at Martin Williams. Ideas that can.

We’re built differently for a reason.
Martin Williams is uniquely built to deliver the insights and brand building ideas of an advertising agency, with the executional efficiencies of a content studio. It’s a hybrid model because old agency models are just that. Old. And cumbersome. And expensive. All things that slow brands down instead of moving them forward with energy and impact. And our successful partnership with General Mills is proof there is a better way. We are not a traditional ad agency. We are a creative studio.

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    Lori Yeager Davis


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    Brock Davis

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