Client Start Year End Year
Norwegian Cruise Line 2019 Current
Mastercard 1997 Current
HomeGoods 2017 Current
SAS 2019 Current
Microsoft 2014 Current
Therapeutics MD 2019 Current
ULTA Beauty 2017 Current
US Bank 2019 Current
L'Oréal Paris 1973 Current
Lockheed Martin 2013 Current

We live in a world where hundreds of brands use thousands of channels to share millions of messages to billions of people.

Unfortunately, the one thing that often gets lost in this massive sea of content is…MEANING. And without a brand knowing the meaningful role they want to play in people’s lives, all that time, effort and money spent could end up going “poof.” Which is good news for us, because we are very, very good at helping brands be meaningful.

It all starts with a truth. An inspirational, provocative powder keg of a truth. Human or cultural. Big or small. And when it’s told well, it really ignites some groundbreaking creativity.

It’s how we got Coke to bring on the happiness, encouraged women to believe they’re worth it for L’Oréal, made everyday moments priceless for MasterCard, and challenged people to find new roads for Chevrolet. It’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning, and it’s how we help brands carve out their places in the world. Unlocking a truth and helping your brand play a more meaningful role in people’s lives is a challenge we would relish.

  • Lyndsey Corona

    Lyndsey Corona

    Chief Growth Officer, McCann North America

  • Sean  Bryan

    Sean Bryan

    Co-Chief Creative Officer, McCann North America

  • Thomas  Murphy

    Thomas Murphy

    Co-Chief Creative Officer, McCann North America

  • Chris  Macdonald

    Chris Macdonald

    Chairman & CEO, McCann