Fender 1951 House

Fender (Project)

Case Study

  • Experiential
  • branding
  • activation
  • Music
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Events
  • experience design
  • branding agency
  • Event
  • pop-up
  • event marketing

For the launch of the brand new 1951 Fender Telecaster, our objective was to introduce a new guitar that was an old guitar … that is a new guitar. Makes sense, right? So we recreated 1951 with big, live musical events in Austin and Tokyo.

We transported fans back to 1951 and gave them the opportunity to hold the guitar, play the guitar, purchase the guitar, record a vinyl record while playing the guitar and hear killer bands play the guitar live on stage.

Here was the hook: We offered the ’51 Tele at the original ’51 price for 51 lucky fans. We built out an original Fender factory exterior and transformed the interior space to feel as if they’d stepped right into 1951. Judging by the line around the block(s), fans were stoked as Fender once again proved their place in music history.