Client Start Year End Year
AllWays Health Partners 2018 Current
Metro Credit Union 2018 Current
Embark Vet 2019 Current
Forcepoint 2016 Current
Kodiak Boots (a division of VF Corporation) 2018 Current
Liberty Mutual 2017 Current
Downeast Cider 2017 Current
NuoDB 2019 Current
Kronos 2009 Current
Tracelink 2019 Current

Mechanica is the brand transformation consultancy that fuses strategy, collaboration and creativity to align your brand with your business strategy and company culture, with a focus on differentiation and value.

Successfully executing across a brand’s ever-expanding engagement landscape starts with clarity and focus. That’s why our work always begins with research, strategy and positioning. Our unique Insight-Driven Collaboration Session (ICS) allows cross-functional stakeholders to efficiently review large sets of data and align around a focused positioning. By infusing this positioning at key touchpoints in the customer’s journey, and developing a targeted Brand Engagement Strategy, all the ingredients are in place to create truly remarkable and effective creative solutions.

We practice a collaborative, integrated approach to crafting positionings and resulting brand platforms which is why we involve creative thinkers throughout the positioning development process. This ensures we end up with executable strategies and brand platforms that can ignite ideas from all creative partners. This usually includes internal Client agencies and other critical executional partners who are closest to opportunities to fully express the brand platform across all touchpoints.

Powerful brand ideas create meaningful, relevant and emotionally resonant customer connections. Through extensive customer journey work, we find the places where the brand message can be most relevant, timely and distinctive. Versus merely looking for ways to target messages at people. Just because it’s hyper-targeted doesn’t make it hyper- relevant. That’s why we also have an open-source creative executional model to ensure we never limit the possibilities for relevant connections based on limitations of ours or our client’s internal resources.

  • Libby DeLana

    Libby DeLana

    Co- Founder / Creative Director Emeritus

  • Jim Garaventi

    Jim Garaventi

    Co-Founder / Executive Creative Director

  • Arabella Plum

    Arabella Plum

    COO / Director of Client Services

  • Ted Nelson

    Ted Nelson

    Co-Founder / CEO