• Branding Needs A Rebrand

    Branding Needs A Rebrand

    It’s time to rebrand “branding.” Let’s admit it, the term has become so overused, warped and misapplied by marketing theorists that financial executives no longer credit it with much. Even top brand consultancies cannot agree on its value. So let’s call branding what it really is: Future Response. Read how our Head of Strategy, Ben Kunz, lays out a gameplan to give clarify to the role of branding and re-earn it the respect it deserves

    MediaPost, 10/19/2022

  • Gen Z To Marketers: Ditch The Persona

    Gen Z To Marketers: Ditch The Persona

    Marketers loves to create personas. Yet Gen Z, the 68 million 10- to 24-year-olds , defy our traditional characterizations. In this Mediapost article, Ben Kunz argues it’s time to toss those Gen Z personas and instead design media plans that better match communications to the ways real people engage with your brand

    MediaPost, 08/23/2022

  • The Real Keys To Brand Memes 03/03/2022

    The Real Keys To Brand Memes 03/03/2022

    The biggest marketing memes create behaviors that coalesce into tribes by giving a defined group of people something they'll feel compelled to advance.

    MediaPost, 03/03/2022



    SANDY HOOK, Conn., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- SANDY HOOK, Conn., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Google has granted Mediassociates premier status...

    MarketWatch, 02/22/2022

  • Media All-Star: Jeff Larson 01/12/2022

    Media All-Star: Jeff Larson 01/12/2022

    Jeff Larson, President of Mediassociates, recognized as a 2021 MediaPost Media All-Star.

    MediaPost, 01/07/2022

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Mount Sinai Health System 2020 Current
University of Phoenix 2020 Current
Fannie Mae 2020 Current
Citizens Watch Company of America 2021 Current
Arculus (Crypto Currency Cold Storage Wallet) 2021 Current
Ziply Fiber 2021 Current
Strava 2021 Current
Panasonic Corporation of North America 2020 Current
Ariat International 2018 Current
Yale New Haven Health System 2020 Current

Mediassociates is an independent media planning, buying and analytics agency. Our Precision Branding methodology guides brands in planning advertising communication campaigns with a focus on predicting, measuring, and optimizing business outcomes. With the advertising landscape shifting almost daily, we proactively guides clients through the ongoing revolution in media and technology.

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