We solve business challenges for our clients. Always have, always will. We are invested in their success and use our media prowess to produce results. As media entrepreneurs, we create ideas, products, services, and models that propel businesses forward by creating demand for our clients’ products and services.

We are the original Adaptive Marketing agency—born in 1997, celebrating over 20 years of adaptive ideas and innovations. Adaptive in our operating models, adaptive in relentlessly optimizing plans, and adaptive in how we respond at the speed of culture. We’re redefining what it means to be fast and agile at a time when relevance has never had a shorter shelf life.

Our values, as a company, hold true to our Adaptive Marketing outlook:

1. SPEED. Speed is where culture and science converge. Our trifecta of data-informed, culturally savvy strategists, in-market analysts, and channel experts collaborate to anticipate and act quickly, realizing opportunities as they happen. The result? Confident, relevant, and timely decision-making.
2. PROVOCATION. We gravitate toward provocative, distinctive, and new solutions—and work well with clients who share this curiosity. We are our clients’ partners, dominating challenges, finding joy in problem-solving, and sharing pride in the results.
3. TEAMWORK. The art of collaboration is creating the right team, with the right balance of talent, for the right client. With 8,000 people in 86 countries, we work together without walls and across borders to do just that. And our teams are completely open-source, working with clients and other agency partners together as “one team, one dream.”

Our Adaptive Marketing approach gives our clients’ brands the opportunity to learn about their consumers, connect with them, nurture the relationship, and, ultimately, make them a lifelong brand advocate by driving sales.

  • Adam Gerhart

    Adam Gerhart

    CEO, US

  • Danielle Koffer

    Danielle Koffer

    Chief Client Officer

  • David Lang

    David Lang

    Chief Content Officer

  • Joe Scangamor

    Joe Scangamor

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Joseph Maceda

    Joseph Maceda

    Chief Instigation Officer

  • Gibbs Haljun

    Gibbs Haljun

    Managing Director, Media Investment

  • Christine Peterson

    Christine Peterson

    Managing Director, Digital Investment

  • Andy Heath

    Andy Heath

    Head of Comms Planning