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Farmers Insurance 2009 Current
John Deere 2008 Current
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Air Canada 2013 Current
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Rolex 1968 Current
Domino's 2000 Current
Nordstrom 2014 Current
Purina 2013 Current

Consumer attention is fleeting at best, increasingly fickle and unpredictable at its worst. Capturing it is harder than ever in today’s hyper-fragmented, value-oriented, on-demand media landscape. Consumers easily block out, passively and actively, anything that is not pertinent to them in the moment. The rise of ad-blocking and pay for content services have compounded the effects of banner blindness and timeshifting, making it harder than ever for brands to break through. In retail especially, consumers expect, and even demand, new ways to connect and receive value – from bots that deliver “conversational commerce” through AI to emoji ordering that brings a new language to the “buy now, buy everywhere” mentality. The ability to anticipate a consumer need or desire with a relevant product or service is critical to retailer success – keeping your customers coming back with a good experience, while minimizing waste in your marketing. To stay relevant and win these moments today, retailers need a sophisticated marketing engine that can connect data seamlessly across brand experiences and customer touchpoints to generate insights that inform better, faster decisions.

We believe the pursuit of ‘performance’ should not be reserved for just a vertical specialty focused on one end of the marketing funnel in isolation. It should be a horizontal, universal appeal for all of our client’s marketing activity. Every investment and asset should lead to a consumer impact, behavior change or action—TV ads lead to mobile twitter posts; those posts increase organic search rankings, which influence sales in stores as people use smartphones to search on product information. That’s ‘Marketing that Performs.’

Producing ‘Marketing the Performs’ in this new media paradigm isn’t easy. But, these connections, experiences and outcomes can be constantly improved using the insights and intelligence garnered from vast sources of data, increasingly activated in real-time. We call this Adaptive Marketing and it has performance built into its DNA.

We can help. It requires creativity, a commitment to innovation, and an open and agnostic technology stack to keep pace with your consumers, and ahead of your competition. We have designed an outcome-based adaptive marketing practice that can support your objectives across the consumer journey, bridging MarTech and AdTech to break down the silos between brand building and commerce-driving activities. We have helped countless clients transition to adaptive marketing and execute it across the most advanced areas of the real-time media ecosystem.

Recognizing today’s fiercely competitive marketing world, audience fragmentation and endlessly evolving technologies, our agency philosophy of Adaptive Marketing is realized through our three core values:
•Everything is Science: Constantly interrogating and activating data (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd party) drives the smartest, most advantageous media decisions
•Brands Must Be Culturally Relevant: Reaching consumers through bespoke and impactful campaigns that parallel moments in culture is paramount to success
•Speed Speed Speed: Connecting science with culture in to make faster and smarter decisions to that connect with consumers in the moment
Adaptive Marketing takes an incredibly flexible and collaborative approach; one that is underpinned by trust and served in an integrated fashion. This approach ensures that media is our clients’ strongest competitive advantage: uncovering insights about consumers, competitors and culture and turning them into actions faster than the competition!

  • Ernie Simon

    Ernie Simon

    CEO, North America

  • Adam Gerhart

    Adam Gerhart

    CEO, US

  • Cindy Gustafson

    Cindy Gustafson

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Shari Cohen

    Shari Cohen

    Co-Executive Director, National Television, The Exchange

  • Rolf Olsen

    Rolf Olsen

    Chief Data Officer

  • Frank Puma

    Frank Puma

    Digital Investment Lead

  • Mark Potts

    Mark Potts

    Head of Insights, North America

  • Andy Heath

    Andy Heath

    Head of Comms Planning

  • Joseph Maceda

    Joseph Maceda

    Managing Director, Invention Studio

  • Andrew Davidson

    Managing Director, Search and Social

  • Jennifer (Napolitano) McAteer

    Jennifer (Napolitano) McAteer

    Director, New Business

  • Christine Peterson

    Christine Peterson

    Managing Director, Digital Investment

  • Jason Maltby

    Jason Maltby

    Co-Executive Director, National Video

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