Mint is a creative boutique and specializes in high impact creative, branding,and strategy. Mint thrives in the great divide between shoot-from-the-hip freelancers and battleship gray mega-ad agencies. We’re more nimble than most shops, but have resources that outshine and outservice any individual creative solution.

More than anything, Mint enjoys being an agent of change for companies who crave impactful marketing. Memorable marketing. Sure, we can do status quo, but we prefer not to — because it’s generally not the best solution for the client, nor the most rewarding or stimulating work for us.

While we do re-brands, broadcast, and integrated campaigns really well, we do have a few sweet spots: namely Collateral, Direct Mail, Print, Social Media, and straight up Web Banners.

Mint believes in incorporating tried and true tactics with new strategies and concepts. We also believe in the power of integrated campaigns when budgets allow, in order to surround the target with consistent and persistent messaging. We try to make our clients look like heroes. And what constitutes “hero” status really depends on the client. So we adapt our project management style to each client’s needs. Our success is based on whatever metrics the client will be judged on.