Client Start Year End Year
General Motors 2012 Current
Nespresso 2006 Current
United States Postal Services 2013 Current
Coca Cola 2018 Current
GSK GlaxoSmithKline 2018 Current
Microsoft 2014 Current
Cisco 2013 Current
Janssen Pharmaceutical 2015 Current
CIGNA 2014 Current
Reckitt Benckiser 2018 Current

MRM is a leading, digital-first, global marketing agency that drives end-to-end business transformation with 3,500+ people across 45 countries (markets) and 30 offices. We do this through building RELATIONSHIPS, because every relationship counts. Whether you are a customer, employee, or even avatar, you are part of a larger relationship orchestrated by an experience. We deliver this by transforming creative solutions at the intersection of Data Science, Culture & Technology.

This allows us to grow at scale, inclusive of digital-first creative content, commerce solutions that span from bricks-to-clicks, actionable customer data and experience design, all enabled through Centers of Excellence. We also have a unique onshore/offshore execution model allowing us to be producing 24/7, in all time zones, so that clients can be serviced with speed and agility.

  • Caspar Ouvaroff

    Caspar Ouvaroff

    EVP, Executive Director Global Growth

  • Kate MacNevin

    Kate MacNevin

    Global Chief Operating Officer, McCann Worldgroup and Global Chairwoman & CEO, MRM

  • Ronald  Ng

    Ronald Ng

    Global Chief Creative Officer

  • Jayna Kothary

    Jayna Kothary

    Global Chief Technology Officer

  • Bradley Rogers

    Bradley Rogers

    Global President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Diana Caverly

    Diana Caverly

    Global Chief Strategy Officer

  • Linda Sorbera

    Linda Sorbera

    Global Chief Talent Officer

  • Andy Queen

    Andy Queen

    Global Chief Financial Officer