Sure. We know marketing and advertising inside and out. But that’s just our opening.

The ndp agency culture is deeply rooted in understanding the human condition and our drive to inspire and bring about change. A large mural in our office clearly declares what ndp stands for.

We make a difference through creativity that inspires.
That changes behavior. That changes our world.

Digital-first and creatively driven describe how we do our jobs. But being human-centric defines us. Most simply stated, to us people matter.

Our team members matter. Without the talent, energy and vitality of our staff, we wouldn’t be the agency we are today. We work hard, have fun and genuinely believe that the work we do makes a difference.

Our clients matter. We are not a vendor. We are your partner. And your partners become our partners. We play well in the sandbox. Your goals become our goals. Let’s make a difference together.

Our consumers matter. Working with brands who want to make a positive difference makes us mindful of the health and well-being of the consumers who we are targeting. We said, “No thank you” to a highly profitable opportunity to work with the tobacco industry. Respect, dignity and ethical considerations all come into play when determining who our agency should serve.

We are ndp.