Client Start Year End Year
Thermo Fisher Scientific 2020 Current
StarQuest 2020 Current
Kimberly Clark 2014 2014
Real Networks 2012 2012
Langner 2020 Current

We help B2B tech businesses to build effective brands and get more customers.

B2B tech marketing is hard.

If you’re in the B2B tech space, you’re probably selling high-price-point offerings to niche audiences. That’s a difficult task, especially if your target clients don’t fully understand the value you provide. You may have found that your organization is spending marketing budget without a clear strategic plan and little hope for measurable results.

But your marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery.

We’ve helped Fortune 500 firms and growing tech startups to hit growth goals, enter new markets, and get acquired. Our strategies are driven by data and our results are measurable.

If you need to:

• Build an effective brand
• Create an effective marketing strategy
• Drive more leads more consistently

We can help.

Schedule a free marketing consult at

Let’s review your current marketing efforts, discuss your growth goals, and start sketching a marketing framework that will provide real value.

Because B2B tech marketing is hard – but it’s easier when you have experts in your corner.

  • Tobin Lehman

    Tobin Lehman


    Founding and now directing New North to be an agency like no other keeps me busy. After 17 years of working with brands like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Southern States, Pfizer, Kimberly Clark, and a host of others, I'm still propelled by the drive to turn every opportunity into a success for our clients. Tired of the misconceptions and alternate realities that most marketing companies operate in, New North is working to "take the mystery out of marketing"​ for our clients. I'm a numbers guy with really good ability to convey difficult concepts to the language of the living room, and my clients tend to agree. Analytical, with a clear perception to see things that are outside of the numbers, working many times to help organizations with process or political issues before solving the apparent problems. And I love every second of it. Fulfillment for me is helping my clients find their goal and score.