Client Start Year End Year
ACLU 2021 Current
March of Dimes 2020 Current
Velcro, Inc. 2020 Current
Hadassah 2018 Current
Cooper Hewitt 2021 Current
Consumer Reports 2020 Current

OBERLAND is an advertising agency for purpose-driven brands. We use your purpose to drive your people, progress, and profit.

OBERLAND was founded in 2014 by Bill Oberlander & Drew Train. At the time, they were working together as client and agency partners on behalf of NYC’s Veterans, with Bill as the Marketing Director at The Robin Hood Foundation and Drew as the founder of J. Walter Thompson’s Ethos division. We were founded on the basis of bringing the best of advertising to brands seeking to create sustainable financial returns. OBERLAND was intentionally ahead of the industry trend and is a unique blend of social issue expertise, purpose-driven experience and creative magic.

OBERLAND is a Certified B Corp.

Our Public Benefit Statement is: We will use the tools, talent and techniques of Madison Avenue to build and evolve brands designed to create social impact in addition to financial returns for businesses, institutions, government agencies, causes and nonprofits. We will also drive the rapid growth and penetration of purpose-driven branding across the marketing, media, advertising and social sectors by training a new generation of professionals, regularly publishing expert content, executing purpose-driven creative for our clients, being environmentally conscious and serving as an example in how we operate our business.

  • Kate  Charles

    Kate Charles

    Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Drew Train

    Drew Train

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Bill Oberlander

    Bill Oberlander

    Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director