Omelet is an independent creative company that makes business and cultural impact.

  • Don Kurz

    Don Kurz

    Board Chair & CEO

  • Naj Allana

    Naj Allana

    Managing Director, Partner, Chief Financial Officer

  • Thas Naseemuddeen

    Thas Naseemuddeen

    Managing Director, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

  • Mike Wallen

    Mike Wallen

    Managing Director, Partner, Chief Creative Officer

  • Dan Ruth

    Dan Ruth

    Partner, Chief Production Officer

  • Sarah Ceglarski

    Sarah Ceglarski

    Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dena Gonzalez

    Dena Gonzalez

    Partner, Head of Business Planning & Delivery

  • Ricardo Diaz

    Ricardo Diaz

    Partner, Executive Director of Digital

  • Andrew Krensky

    Andrew Krensky

    Partner, Executive Director of Brand Management

  • Pete Talaba

    Pete Talaba

    Partner, Executive Director of Strategy

  • Anna Nesser

    Anna Nesser

    Partner, Executive Director of Content

  • Josh Smutko

    Josh Smutko

    Partner, Creative Director

  • Raul Montes

    Raul Montes

    Partner, Creative Director

  • Florian Bodet

    Florian Bodet

    Partner, Creative Director

  • Chelsea O

    Chelsea O'Brien

    Creative Director