Ovative Creative Lab Overview


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Creativity is what separates great brands from merely good ones. And we know that our clients need to deliver creative excellence in every channel. What makes Ovative’s Creative Lab different is our commitment to what we call “Meaning + Media.” Simply put, we combine meaningful ideas – ideas that people can truly care about – with media designed to perform. We believe that every moment is a brand moment and that being meaningful for people, where they need us to be, is the only way to make lasting connections and grow.

And so we’ve built a reputation as a team that not only knows how to use data and insights to spark creativity, but also to pair platform best practices with a nuanced understanding of a brand’s principles. That’s how we help build brands while bringing ideas to l life that move people to act.

The Creative Lab offers partnership in three important areas:

1. Brand Transformation: We help define and elevate brands through the creation of brand principles, identity, and positioning
2. Strategic Transformation: We help find new opportunities for connection through the creation of comms plans, channel strategies, and creative testing
3. Experience Transformation: We help bring new ideas to your customers through the creation of campaigns, channel-specific assets, and dynamic creative optimization